Comfort + Protection

No other nasal cannula can provide outstanding comfort and protection from bacteria. 


Wearing a cannula daily or the first time is an adjustment. Cannulas provided by your oxygen supplier are uncomfortable and of low quality. They can constantly rub on your face which causes abrasions on your cheeks and behind your ears.

The sleeves provide the user with a soft and comfortable fabric cushion between the plastic cannula tubes and the user's skin which eliminates irritations and abrasion. It also helps keep the nasal prongs from slipping out of the nostrils and reduces inner nasal irritation, providing unparalleled comfort.  

These sleeves are not only comfortable, they protect your skin from microorganisms like bacteria, staph, and ecoli.


Cannula stays in place throughout the night. Finally, a good night sleep!

Diane R.

The soft sleeves make it so comfortable to wear. Less irritation. Stays in my nose. No more slipping and sliding. Less fidgeting. Love it!

Carlos V.

My grandmother is in a nursing home and could not keep the prongs in her nose. The sleeves are so soft and comfortable. They help keep the prongs in place without constantly coming out.

Harry F.

Super Soft

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